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jcFeather is a Autodesk Maya plug-in to create realistic feathers for creatures. It covers shaping an individual feather, creating a feather coat and finally rendering with curves.

JCFeather 2.8:

In version 2.8, jcFeather has lots of new features including interactively painting the size and direction of feather, a 3delight dso plugin to generate and render feather in memory and c++ sdk for users to develop your own feather plugins for your favourite renders. You can also render feathers with textured polygons in 3Delight and Arnold.


JCFeather C++ sdk library:

In jcFeather 2.8, you can export feather data to small cache files from Maya and read in the files with jcFeatherLib sdk to generate and render feather.

Each jcFeather node has a proxy bounding box. Once the ray hits the bounding box, feather curves will be generated in memory which means if the feather is not visible in the viewport, the generation will not start.

If you do not like the cache exporting method, you can also use jcFeather Maya sdk to write plugins for Maya. Get the feather curves data within Maya from jcFeather node and do something you prefer.

The jcFeather installer includes some simple c++ sdk code examples.


Free Version:

JCFeather free version is available for Maya 2012-2015. With the free version, you can create and render feathers. All features are available except that you can create only 3 jcFeather nodes and 3 jcPreFeather nodes in one Maya scene file.



1. Purchase via paypal.

2. Download getHostID.exe and excute it to get jcFeather.hid file in C:/.

3. Send the jcFeather.hid to jerrychinese@163.com.

4. I will send you the liciense file and the installer to you.

5. Install jcFeather and put the jcFeather.lic in C:/flexlm.

Contact jerrychinese@163.com if you do not have paypal.


License type:

License is locked to your machine and is not transferrable.

Commercial jcFeather license provides all new updates and new versions for free during one year after purchase. Source code of jcFeather 3Delight dso plugin is also available for customers. Email me if you need that.


Current limitations and future work:

1, More renders will be supported in the next release.

2, Self collision between feathers is not solved yet.


Source code of jcFeather is on sale

Please contact jerrychinese@163.com.

Free update for one year

Download Free Version

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Souce code is on sale